JeVois  1.17
JeVois Smart Embedded Machine Vision Toolkit
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JeVois-A33 case mounting guidelines

The JeVois smart camera provides 4 holes for secure mounting onto a robot or other.

The holes are not threaded at the factory. When you thread screws into them, the plastic of the case will be formed into a thread by your screws. It is advised that you only mount your JeVois smart camera with screws once. Doing it several times may wear off the plastic of the holes in the camera case and may result in loose screws.
Hole depth in the JeVois camera case is a bit over 5mm. Plan for maximum 5mm screw length to avoid hitting the bottom of the screw holes in the case.

You can download JeVois Dimensions Scan - PDF or JeVois Dimensions Scan - 600-DPI PNG and print it at 100% scale to get a mounting pattern.

Custom mount contributed by JeVois user DrRickDaglessMD

Check out this great adapter that you can make using a 3D printer to mount JeVois on a regular tripod: