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Which new machine vision module would you like?

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Welcome everyone to JeVois. Please post as answers to this question ideas for new machine vision algorithms which you would like to see implemented on JeVois. Please include if possible:

- brief intro to the vision algorithm

- link to the source code of a library that implements key parts of the algorithm

- any rationale that it would run at a decent frame rate on the small JeVois processor

Please vote the suggestions you like up, and we will get to work on the most popular ones!
asked Feb 17, 2017 in User questions by JeVois (30,640 points)

1 Answer

+5 votes
MonoSLAM - an algorithm that allows one to recover the trajectory in 3D space of the camera as it moves along. The algorithm computes frame-to-frame camera displacement in space through visual matching of successive frames. This can be used to estimate how the camera is moving and where it is, over time.





It worked in real time on commodity computers circa 2007 so should get a decent framerate on JeVois.
answered Feb 17, 2017 by itti (240 points)