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Jevois works fine. But, I cannot get eye tracking to work.

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I tried using the resolution, but could not get the GREY to work.  I tried VLC, but no luck.  I downloaded Eye Tracker, but am not sure it can work on Windows.  Please advise.  We are considering using this option for an application.
asked Mar 29 in User questions by radiusmike (120 points)

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Yes, GREY is not widely supported on Windows freeware software, though it works great with Linux. You may have to use some commercial software. We tried some from theimagingsource.com that has some greyscale cameras, but it only supports their own cameras. If anyone here has experience with Y800 grayscale capture on Windows, please share.

Otherwise, you can always modify the DemoEyeTracker module to output YUYV instead of grey (you will have to modify the C++ code and recompile, this is done on a Linux machine only). You would add a line with a call to jevois::rawimage::pasteGreyToYUYV() to paste the greyscale output from the eye tracker to an YUYV image that will be sent over USB.

If this is difficult, we can do it here for you in a few days.

answered Mar 30 by JeVois (7,090 points)
We are stuck at this point.  You kindly offered to support this.  Please help.  We are developing a reference design for a commercial project and Jevois is our go to eye tracker.  merci beaucoup.  Mike