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Freezing and Reconnecting

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Hello I just received two starter kits and am having issues with video stream freezing on OSX and the camera reconnecting repeatedly on Windows10.

I am using the included USB cable, data end into USB3 port and power end into a A/C 2.1A charger.  After about 12 seconds the stream freezes on OSX and the camera reconnects over and over on Windows 10.

I have upgraded one SD card to latest firmware.  I have tried different combinations of camera, cable, SD, OS.

Is there anything else I could try?


asked Jan 23, 2018 in User questions by cmisztur (120 points)

1 Answer

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Are you moving the camera, maybe its mini-USB connector has become a bit loose? Which resolution / module are you running, so that we can check that we did not recently introduce a bug in it?
answered Jan 23, 2018 by JeVois (39,960 points)
I thought me moving the cam could be an issue, so I placed it stationary.  The Jevois is drawing 0.4A.  Looks like the lower resolutions all work fine.  Here are the two that fail reliably after a few seconds:

30 - OUT: YUYV 544x240 @ 15fps CAM: YUYV 320x240 @ 15fps MOD: JeVois:DarknetSingle

25 - OUT: YUYV 640x300 @ 60fps CAM: YUYV 320x240 @ 60fps MOD: JeVois:DemoSaliency

I will downgrade to 1.6.0 and report back.

EDIT: 1.6.0 performs even worse on both cameras.

Ok, I installed Ubuntu 17.10 and everything is working just fine there.... So not sure what is up with Windows or OSX.   I was wondering why I was seeing a baby when I opened Photobooth.  The baby blinked and that was it.
yes, see here (spoiler) for how that video with the baby should look:


I just tried the latest image here on mac and windows 10 and it is working fine for me. Maybe there are still issues than can be figured out. Once my Mac would not detect the camera well and rebooting it helped. What version of OSX and Windows are you using?
OSX 10.12.6 and WIN 10 Enterprise 1703 15063.850.
Both are laptops, but so is the Linux one.
I have a couple other Windows machines to try, but at this point I am ok with Ubuntu.