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CMAKE problem

0 votes
even after installevery thing it still complaints about cmak compiler   NO_CMAKXX_Compiler found what to do .
related to an answer for: Payton program update
asked Feb 12, 2018 in Programmer Questions by dpat123 (300 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Strange, did cmake get installed? Can you try to run ‘cmake’ in a terminal and if it is not found, then sudo apt install cmake

Otherwise, can you cut and paste the command you typed and everything that was displayed until the error?
answered Feb 12, 2018 by JeVois (46,580 points)
got it working it take  lots of libraries to be downloaded . i was missing some during that downloads . not it compiled.

Jevoisbase on pc took almost 15 hrs to compile .
Yes, where are those dual 28-core Xeon machines (112 threads) when we need them?

compiling jevoisbase should not take that long (about 2 minutes on an older dual 12-core xeon with 256GB RAM, that's after all packages have already been installed), maybe you are running low on memory and your machine starts swapping a lot? You may want to edit rebuild-host.sh and rebuild-platform.sh to force the number of cores to 1 there. Some of that heavily-templated C++17 code does use lots of memory to compile.