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MAVLink integration for a Pixhawk compatible flight controller for a quadroter drone

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 Is the code module developed by alsaibie in his GitHub fork of the JeVois jevoisbase code currently the best/only way to integrate JeVois with a Pixhawk compatible drone? Is there any thought of integrating it into the main codebase for everyone to use?

For everyone's reference, the original announcement of this MAVLink connection module is here: 


It currently takes some time and expertise to pull his MAVLink code out and put it into the latest code base for a custom compilation.


asked Feb 13, 2018 in Programmer Questions by RichLewis007 (240 points)

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great suggestion, we will look into it. One obstacle is that we don't have the relevant hardware here. Any suggestions about what entry-level board/drone to buy to test the code?
answered Feb 14, 2018 by JeVois (46,580 points)
selected Feb 16, 2018 by RichLewis007
Many people who build quadcopters/drones from scratch for fun or for research purposes use the open source hardware and software Pixhawk flight controller (FC). There are a large number of models which are compatible with this FC. Here is some info: https://pixhawk.org/

These Pixhawk FCs all support the MAVLink protocol for communicating between them and companion computers and other attached systems such as ground station software.

So, for you to begin to get alsaibie's work-in-progress code to work, you'd buy a Pixhawk compatible flight controller, connect its serial pins to the serial RX/TX wire on the JeVois, and then compile alsaibie's module and see if the test module he provides can communicate with the Pixhawk over those serial wires using the MAVLink protocol. (So, no drone hardware is needed to get the Jevois to Pixhawk flight controller integration working!)

I'm at this point now - I have alsaibie's code compiled and have a Pixhawk connected to the JeVois. I'm stuck though, with the test module he provides not seeing the serial port on the JeVois. I see some comments he made in these forums about that, but haven't gotten it working yet.

This would be a GREAT integration, allowing anyone to easily use the JeVois to add powerful computer vision to autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles - cars, drones, boats, subs - all controlled by Pixhawk!

Maybe we could contact alsaibie and see if he could help polish this code up and get it accepted as an official JeVois module?
Thanks, i am ordering one and will try. Yes, if Ali can help too that would be great!