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Fitting M12 Lens to camera

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Is there any possibility to attach extra M12 lens to camera . as i wanted to focus to some text OCR at distance of about 4 to 6 inch but camera is not able to focus properly .is vs blured at distance approx 4 to 6 inch .

any tweak is possible for auto AE to focus to text  which is very near to camera .
asked Mar 4 in Hardware Questions by dpat123 (300 points)

1 Answer

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Have you tried a corrective lens placed in front of JeVois? See below for an example with a 15x lens that is coming from a pair of jeweler glasses that has interchangeable lenses. This is a cheap plastic lens with lots of distortion as you can see (and it was not very well aligned), but we can focus well on the tiny text on that 2.5" hard drive at a very short distance from JeVois. For 4-6 inches, maybe about 5x lens would do the trick.

answered Mar 20 by JeVois (33,620 points)
Very nice I will try it thanks.