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Hi. Four days ago I asked you  the question below. I need an answer, because if it's not working, i need to return it to you to replace. 

The camera was working ok, the led was orange, and it was recognizing persons in an image for the first time I tested.  After  this test, it does not boot anymore: only the green light is on and Windows 7 does not detect it. I tried to connect it to another computer, and tried another power source( a smartphone power source). I checked the contents of sd card,but it seems to be ok. Any idea about the problem?

asked Jun 19 in User questions by Pasteur Miranda (140 points)

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yes, so sorry, just too much travel and a hectic schedule... thanks for your patience, your original post has been answered now.
answered Jun 22 by JeVois (26,700 points)