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default_max_processors_count = CPU_SETSIZE issue.

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Hi, while building jevoisbase, it throws error of =

jevoisbase/Contrib/cpuinfo/src/linux/processors.c:81:55: error: ‘CPU_SETSIZE’ undeclared here (not in a function)
  static const uint32_t default_max_processors_count = CPU_SETSIZE;

Please help.

asked Aug 8 in Programmer Questions by sharmarahul98 (310 points)

1 Answer

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hum, sometimes we would get that kind of error when a package like darknet or tensorflow downloads a dependency and that dependency changes upstream. To avoid that, we download all our dependencies from a fixed git commit as opposed to using the latest, but installing tensorflow does download some additional deps.

So I just tried to run jevoisbase/Contrib/reinstall.sh and then rebuild-host.sh and rebuild-platform.sh and everything passed with no error.

Note that you would likely get this error if trying to compile for host but your host CPU is not x86_64 (e.g., you run rebuild-host.sh on an ARM-based host). Only x86_64 hosts are supported at this time.

Are you still getting the error? maybe something is out of sync with your install. Can you try the steps outlined here:


going through the steps we follow in the video. If you still have a problem, can you let us know when?
answered 7 hours ago by JeVois (25,740 points)