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JeVois can see no dice?

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Please see


JeVois refuses to recognize any dice.  I tried various numbers, resolutions sizes etc.

The X next to it works just fine, as a proof I got the definition right.

I tried another dice also, a smaller one.

Can anyone help?

Also, can this Object detection demo be run in a higher resolution. 320 is very small,

I understand it would do less frames/ s but this is fine for my application.

I have a robot arm that would like to use jevois to find the dice is throwing on the table.

Ideally it would recognize the different numbers send the info to arduino and have it calculate, the sum.

If not, I would be happy to just see the green blob, get some coordinates and send them to the Arm for pickup,

However: the table is about 40x50 cm and the arm would hold the Jevois about 35cm high to see the table.

I really think I'd need higher rez to have objects show. Otherwise I'd have to sweep with the arm.
asked Sep 10, 2018 in User questions by laptophead (140 points)

1 Answer

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answered Oct 2, 2018 by JeVois (39,960 points)