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How do we use the manual white balance setting with setcam?

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I have looked at the help commands, and noticed that there is autowb, and presetwb to configure the white balance. however, for presetwb = 0 (manual), i'm not sure how to change the parameters for the white balance manually. Also, what is the difference between autowb default and curr?

By the way the master documentation search function doesn't seem to work very well. Is there any page for more detailed documentation on the various command line commands?
asked Sep 14, 2018 in Misc Questions by unswniarc (360 points)

1 Answer

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The command line users guide page of the docs says:
presetwb [menu] values 0:manual 1:auto 2:incandescent 3:fluorescent 4:fluorescent_h 5:horizon 6:daylight 7:flash 8:cloudy 9:shade curr=1
I have also had trouble using the search function and usually just use google and then the find on this page function of Chrome to find things in the docs. 
answered Sep 16, 2018 by PeterQuinn (1,020 points)
to add to this correct answer, in addition to presetwb, you can also set autowb and redbal and bluebal for full manual mode. The easiest to start playing with those is to use JeVois inventor. Go to the Camera tab and you will see those controls. Uncheck autowb, and the redbal and bluebal sliders will activate.

Once you have settings that you like, switch to the Config tab and edit the module's script.cfg file. Press the button labeled "C" at the bottom of the editor and it will paste all the camera settings into the config file, so they will get loaded next time you use that vision module. If you want those settings for all modules, paste them into initscript.cfg instead, which is loaded at bootup.

note that currently there is a bug in the inventor's handling of absolute exposure, it will slowly creep down once auto exposure is unchecked, this has been fixed and will not happen anymore in the next software release.