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Is this a bug in PyDetectionDNN.py

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Line # 253 says.

self.net.setInput(np.array([inpHeight, inpWidth, 1.6], dtype=np.float32), 'im_info')

Shouldn't that be "self.inpHeight" and "self.inpWidth"?

I assume it doesn't matter because you don't use RCNN or R-FCN.


asked Oct 8 in User questions by jack.johnson.pub (230 points)

1 Answer

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yes, good catch! We have not found good lightweight Faster-RCNN so indeed that section of code had not been tested. Traveling now but update asap.

Can you share any Faster-RCNN weights and config files if you find one that works?
answered Oct 11 by JeVois (33,620 points)