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JeVois inventor doesn't recognize JeVois camera

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The JeVois camera is not recognized by the JeVois inventor (betta 0.2.0).

It is recognizing the builtin camera of the laptop ("integrated webcam").

OS is win 10.

The Jevois camera is recognized by the OS (jevois-A33 video camera).

asked Oct 15, 2018 in User questions by YigalB (250 points)

1 Answer

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Firstly, ensure your JeVois is running the most recent image version. Inventor is not guaranteed to work with old versions of the JeVois system.

Another caveat about Inventor that is slightly unintuitive is that it does not refresh the available cameras automatically. One must click 'cancel' in the camera selection dialogue to force a refresh. Once the orange LED on the JeVois turns on, Inventor should be able to detect it.
answered Oct 16, 2018 by justephens (230 points)
JeVois is running "JeVois 1.9.0" - as far as I know this is the latest version.

I tried to force refresh, and still it doesn't work.
Rebooting the laptop solved the problem.