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Bug report, last take

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PLEASE, read again my message TILL THE END (not only first line) !!!

And you will find that JeVois 1.11.0 host doesn't work on Ubuntu 18.04 TOO !!! And I was trying to use YOUR binaries, NOT custom build = I didn't recompile anything.

AND It doesn't work on Ubuntu 16.04 with YOUR binaries.

AND, OpenCV package for Ubuntu 18.04 in your repo is still in beta state (YOU FORGOT TO REPLACE IT)

AND again, I can provide you remote access to my hardware (Ubuntu 18.04 + Ubuntu 16.04, SSH, VNC, xRDP etc) with physical webcam attached.


asked Jan 4, 2019 in Programmer Questions by NikPok (390 points)
edited Jan 9, 2019 by NikPok

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