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install old version

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Hi guys,

For some reasons, I have to use version 1.9.0. So I cannot set up jevois via the method on the website.

Can I download the *.deb packages (jevois-opencv, jevois-host, jevois-platform, jevoisbase-host, jevoisbase-platform, jevois-sdk, jevois-sdk-dev) from jevois.usc.edu/old and install them via "sudo dpkg -i *.deb? Or is there some instructions on how to do that?

asked Jan 5 in User questions by ls90911 (280 points)

1 Answer

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yes, no problem, the old packages are here:


Then indeed you can just use dpkg -I to install them. Please report back if you encounter any issues.
answered Jan 8 by JeVois (39,580 points)