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Why can't I see console output in Inventor?

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Inventor 0.4.0 on Windows 10 with camera running JeVois 1.11.0.

Anything valid I type into the console returns blank lines (or maybe white text on white background...) followed by OK

Invalid commands return an 'ERR Unsupported command'

Text from my own code will only show in console on Inventor if it starts with ERR or INF.

Tried, Terse, Normal, Detail and Fine filters in Console tab and made no difference.
asked Jan 7 in User questions by Tcornall (700 points)

2 Answers

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Looks like a bug in the logic that tries to detect macOS Mojave "dark mode", which then switches the text color to white when dark mode is present. The text is there, just white text on white background, you will see it if you select it with your mouse. We will post an update of the inventor soon.
answered Jan 8 by JeVois (38,900 points)
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can you please try to download inventor 0.4.0 again and see whether the color look ok on your machine now? Changed the code that detects Mojave dark mode in the console pane. If it works we will push a new version with this and other improvements.
answered Jan 8 by JeVois (38,900 points)
Not just Mac. On Windows, I'm seeing light cyan for some text and blank lines for other text. It worked previously.