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camera not recognized in inventor on win10 pro

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I'm working on windows 10 pro, 64 bits. The tuto with OBS to use the camera is working correcly, so I know that the camera is correctly  linked to my computer.

However, when starting jevois inventor, the demosaliency is not starting automatically, and no camera is recognized, but in the bottom right I have a message telling me the camera is connected.

Please could you help me ?

Note : sd version of jevois = jevois-image-1.11.0-8G.img and inventor version = 0.5 (also tried v 0.4)
asked Jan 20 in User questions by quentin.bombled (120 points)

1 Answer

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Maybe an issue with the serial-over-USB driver. Maybe you have installed some drivers for other hardware that is interfering with JeVois. Can you go to your device manager and inspect whether you have an error device, or maybe you need to uninstall some drivers there?

please see here for info:


section on "troubleshooting for windows"
answered Jan 23 by JeVois (40,640 points)