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Interfacing with LabView for FIRST robotics

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In the FIRST FRC competition we are required (for streaming video) to show the images on the screen using the Labview 'Dashboard' feature.  Camer mounted on the robot and communication through the  robot's National Instrumnts RoboRio computer.

This appears to require USB output to the Robot computer.

The standard Microsoft WebCam will do this, but so far we can't get the Jevois (or PixyCam 2 for that matter), to work this way.

After streaming video is achieved then we will want image tracking.

Interfaces with Arduino and C language would be nice but are out of our time frame (3 weeks left to finish the machine).

Any suggestions ?


Charlie Affel, Mentor FRC team 423

asked Feb 1 in User questions by caffel (180 points)

4 Answers

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Have you seen the information at this link?


answered Feb 3 by vatbrain (260 points)
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I'm on a FIRST robotics team as well, and we just run our Jevois camera in headless mode (no output frames), and we use Hard serial output to send the desired coordinates to the roboRio after going through a TTY to RS-232 converter.
answered Feb 4 by hamac2003 (400 points)
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Thanks for the thoughtful responses.

We use the National Instruments LabView environment and language.

These methods seem worthwhile, but are specific to: OpenCV and Python. , plus 'Translating it for use with C, C++' .

Since I wrote this question, we have gotten some info on how the LabView Vision Module can accept serial input from the Jevois, but nothing for streaming video which is our first objective.

Our Labview 'Dashboard' will display streaming video when using the Microsoft HD-3000 web cam connect by USB into the Robo Rio robot control computer, but doesn't seem to recognise the Jevois as a camera.

Charlie Affel, FRC Team 423

answered Feb 4 by caffel (180 points)
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Here is another link from chiefdephi that describes how to set up JeVois for streaming:


If this does not answer your question, I'd suggest asking in chiefdelphi.com

There are people using JeVois cameras in FRC.
answered Feb 9 by vatbrain (260 points)