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Trouble switching vision module using inventor

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Yesterday, using inventor I created a new python vision module and got it working well enough. Today, I'm trying to make some modifications but when I try to select the vision module, the video I see is from a different module (e.g. SaveVideo). The script in the "code" tab in inventor is mine, but the video indicates the wrong vision module is running. I attempt to save my module to the camera and reload it, but the SaveVideo module is still running.

My module has a resolution of 320x240 which happens to be the same as SaveVideo. Could this be related? I'm a bit of a noob, so any help is appreciated.
asked Feb 8 in Programmer Questions by kinahawi (220 points)

1 Answer

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yes, this is a known bug on MacOS and maybe Windows as well. It is in the backend used by JeVois Inventor to grab frame (QCamera from the Qt toolkit, which itself uses various video backends depending on platform) so it is unclear whether we can fix it.

One workaround is to simply disable the conflicting modes. In the Inventor, go to the Config tab and select videomappings.cfg, then comment out the modules you do not want by adding a # as first character on those lines. After JeVois reboots you should be able to select your desired video mode.
answered Feb 8 by JeVois (40,640 points)
selected Feb 12 by kinahawi