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Changing the baudrate for the hardserial do not function

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I want to change the baudrate of the Hardserial for the communication with my Arduino. In the decription I found out that I have to do the following:

For changing the baudrate to 38400 in the Inventor I have to enter in the params.cfg the following lines:

serialdev = / dev / ttyS0

seriell: Baudrate = 38400

seriell: linestyle = LF

I did it and I got in ervery line the Error: No Parameter named serialdev or seriell:baudrate or seriell:linestyle.

Where is my mistake?

Please be so kind and help me.

Regards Peter
asked Feb 27, 2019 in Programmer Questions by Peter (580 points)

1 Answer

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yes, you cannot do this in the inventor, as the file you need to edit is the system-global params.cfg, not your own module's params.cfg. The system-global params.cfg is parsed once when jevois boots up. It is not available in the Inventor because any changes in this file will likely break communication between the Inventor and JeVois, so the system-global params.cfg is for advanced users only. In contrast, a module's params.cfg is parsed each time that module is loaded.

To access it: insert your microSD into your PC using an adapter (card reader). You need a Mac or Linux machine, Windows only detects the first partition of SD cards, but the file is on the third partition (called JEVOIS). Alternatively, in the Inventor go to the System tab and enable exporting the microSD inside JeVois as a virtual flash drive. The JEVOIS partition will then appear on your computer as if you had attached a flash drive. Then edit the file:


using a plain text editor.
answered Feb 28, 2019 by JeVois (46,580 points)
A very good answer. I could change the baud rate. But it did not solve my problem. It seems that the function parseSerial(self, str)  only works with 115200. If I change the baud rate all the comands from the Arduino comes with the answer: Error unknown Comand.