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impossible to detect the micro pro arduino board ( win 7 )

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Hi Laurent and all ,

( Thanks for having sent the JeVois cam + kit package so quickly !)

So I come here with a driver question arround the Arduino pro micro board in the kit : I tried to connect it to my PC ( win 7 x64 ) and win didn't managed to install the driver . I tried so to manually install it , pointing the Arduino / drivers / directory ( as explained on several web sites ) but win doen't find the needed driver and the board stays "unknown" in the peripherical devices at the end.  

Is there a link to the manufacturer of this board maybe , which would share a special driver to help installing it ?

Thanks by advance.

asked Mar 3, 2019 in Hardware Questions by clemz (270 points)

1 Answer

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Thanks for your patience, we finally found some time to try this on Win 7.

The latest Arduino states it is for win 8.1 or 10 only, so we downloaded an older version, 1.8.0

We got the full installer as it will also install drivers.

After several times agreeing to install untrusted drivers anyway, the install went well.

Then in the Arduino software, you should select board "Arduino Leonardo" since the Pro Micro is not an official Arduino model. Then plug in your Arduino and select its port.

We did encounter some errors flashing at first. We were connected to a USB3 port on that machine. Looking around on the web, win7 and USB3 have issues with Leonardo. Later we connected to a USB2 port and the code upload worked. I believe it is a known issue with windows 7 and USB-based arduinos that when you reset the Arduino to program it, sometimes win7 will assign a different com port number to it, so the software will not see the Arduino anymore. We were getting that on our USB3 port, but somehow the USB2 port worked ok.

Have a look at this as it might help:

answered Mar 5, 2019 by JeVois (46,580 points)
Thanks for the reply ! . Ok so I tried on USB2 port and yes it recognized it and installed the drivers automatically :) ! . But ones in Arduino software , if I want to upload anything on the board .. the board starts beeing disconnected then reconnected with another port number ..bringing to an error of uploading . So yes this second part doesn't work . Well ok I'll keep using my 'big ' Uno R3 board so :) at least it works fine . ++
oh, then you just need to follow the steps at https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=398898.0 to assign a fixed port to the Arduino and you should be good to go.