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ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'zbar'

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While trying to use zbar instead of cv2.QRCodeDetector() to read qrcodes,

the following line in my python script

import zbar

triggers at runtime

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'zbar'

However, looking into the source of the modules/JeVois/DemoQRcode/DemoQRcode.C, I can see that it uses zbar in this cpp module.

It's just that the zbar python wrappers are missing. and i'm still unable to add such binding (again i'm stuck on the 'no pip install' on JeVois)

this readme https://github.com/jevois/jevoisbase/tree/master/Contrib

makes me suspect that just deleting '--without-python' in the ./configure may be enough.

Can zbar python module be bundled in the next JeVois release pls?

asked Mar 12 in User questions by fourchette (550 points)

1 Answer

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Yes, I think it's time for you to switch to C++, your life will be much easier since all the libs you want are written in C/C++ anyway.

We will look into it. Right now we just compile some of the zbar source files directly into libjevjoisbase. This is because the zbar distro that came on buildroot at the time did not work for as many types of barcodes. But maybe it works better now. If so, we will get zbar installed system-wide by buildroot (including python bindings) and then we will just link to it as opposed to compiling some of it into libjevjoisbase.
answered Mar 13 by JeVois (42,500 points)