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Invoke and stream output video from a module using python code

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Is there a way that a particular module can be invoked using python by sending messages to the camera?? If yes, is there a way to see the live video streaming output of the module using python without using any video viewing software. Also is there a way to get a snap shot to from darknet yolo module when a person is detected by the network??
asked May 16 in Programmer Questions by tomellickal (170 points)

1 Answer

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Yes, you need to open a webcam in your python code, selecting the resolution and frame rate that correspond to your module. You can for example use the VideoCapture class of OpenCV. Note that setting the frame rate does not always work, depending on your operating system, etc. For example, MacOS gets totally confused among several video modes with same resolution but different frame rates. In such case, you can just comment out all entries in videomappings.cfg except the one you want to use, so that JeVois tells the host computer it only supports one resolution, then the computer will select that one.

To get a snap shot, try PyDetectionDNN, you can insert your own code to save some detected objects to microSD in there.
answered May 29 by JeVois (39,600 points)