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Suggestion: new B&W fast sensor 360fps

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I discovered with pleasure that you have added new sensors for Jevois.
Looking at the Omnivision website I found the ideal sensor for my application (but probably for others too), the OV7251 model.
It is a high speed B&W sensor, up to 360 fps at 120*160px with global shutter.

Manufacturer's link:

So I launch the idea, if other people are interested, it is the ideal sensor for applications requiring very fast processing, real time.

I do not know at which level it is binding to add a new optional sensor, it could be a complement for the Jevois range, for industial aplications.

P.S. Sorry for my english, my natural language is french.

Best regards,
asked May 23, 2019 in Hardware Questions by Christophe (120 points)

1 Answer

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Yes, very nice, but unfortunately it is only MIPI or LVDS. On JeVois, we use the parallel sensor interface, sometimes called SCCB, or AllWinner calls it CSI. It basically has 8 data bits, VSYNC, HSYNC, a pixel clock, and an I2C port for configuration. If you find other sensors you like with parallel interface, certainly please let us know!
answered May 29, 2019 by JeVois (46,580 points)
Thank you for your answer and your explanations.

Best regards,
I think, that, OV 5640 and OV 7725, and OV 2715 (easy buy on aliexpress) has these parameters:
24 pin, 0.5mm pitch, flex cable, SCCB interface.

OV 7725 (640x480 60 fps)
OV 5640 (QSXGA 15fps, 1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps, VGA 90fps, QVGA 120fps)
OV 2715 (1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps, VGA 120fps, QVGA 240 fps !!!)

links to datasheets:
1. https://cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Sensors/LightImaging/OV7725.pdf
2. https://cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Sensors/LightImaging/OV5640_datasheet.pdf
3. https://datasheetspdf.com/pdf-file/770809/OmniVision/OV2715/1