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I global shutter fan needed

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I know that you are supposed replace the fan when using the Global shutter camera (https://www.jevoisinc.com/products/jevois-1-2mp-global-shutter-sensor-with-9-dof-imu-upgrade-kit-monochrome).

However, do you need to? The stock fan is 5v 0.8a and the one included with the global shutter kit is 5v 0.2a so cooling wise I'm guessing it should be OK,
asked Jun 15 in Hardware Questions by toktuff (200 points)

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Oh, the label on the stock fan serves as compliance label for the whole device, it was custom made for us. So 5V/0.8A is for the whole camera. The stock fan also consumes about 0.2A.

Mostly, it is about aesthetics, the thicker fan provided with the global shutter kit fits the larger case better. Also, since the stock fan is glued, it may get damaged during the conversion to global shutter, that's why we included a spare one in the kit.

But if your stock fan works fine after removing the stock case, then you can keep it, the air flow for both models is the same.
answered Jun 17 by JeVois (44,060 points)
selected Jun 17 by toktuff