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How to start JeVois as host with a new module.

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I'm have been running jeVois as host using the integrated webcam on my laptop with Ubuntu 16.10 installed. All is well.

I have used the sample module to create a new module called linefollower.

But how do I start jeVois with the new module. Is it supposed to appear when calling listmappings? Because it doesn't.
asked May 9 in Programmer Questions by junktilkim (120 points)

2 Answers

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http://jevois.org/doc/VideoMapping.html to configure new mappings.

Or you can start it manually using setmapping2 (non-usb only.)
answered May 11 by pelrun (2,310 points)
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Check out the new Hello JeVois tutorial at http://jevois.org/tutorials

We have some more instructions in there for how to add a mapping, then start with that mapping, etc for a new module.
answered May 12 by JeVois (12,710 points)