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Windows: Inventor not recognizing JeVois

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Just got the new camera, boot seems ok (green, after ~ 5 sec. orange), after boot Windows 10 recognizes it ("JeVoisA33-Smart camera" shown in device manager), 

now starting JeVois-inventor (beta 0.5.0), in the "Select Camera Device" screen i have to select "COM3:Windows Serial USB Device" 

but then program says "Waiting for JeVois....,  please connect camera...." and program doesnt react to anything.

What goes wrong? 

asked Oct 25, 2019 in User questions by kothe (200 points)

3 Answers

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hum, is there any other USB serial device that may interfere with JeVois? Maybe try this:

1) can you see video from JeVois when using webcamoid or OBS Studio or AMCap instead of jevois inventor? This would suggest the video streaming part is working ok

2) if you open your device manager and look at that com3, does it disappear when you unplug jevois? Otherwise, is there another serial port that disappears? have a look here:


3) maybe try rebooting your machine and then running as administrator, in some cases rebooting helps after initial detection by windows 10
answered Oct 25, 2019 by JeVois (46,580 points)
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Thx for the quick answer,

I got it NOT to work on my laptop (Win 10, USB 3.0, from 2016), but with nothing changed (same software downloads) got it running perfectly on the first try on a tablet (Win 10, USB 3.0, from 2019). Hence, the JeVois-hardware is absolutely FINE.

Now i want it to get running on my laptop, because this is where i want to use it for programming. Rebooting did not help. And yes, it disappears when unpluged and it doesn't work in any other environment (AMCap, for example, shows it in devices, but when selected, it shows an error "unable to add source, collapse" ).

I checked the drivers on both systems (laptop & tablet) in the device manager and everything is absolutely identical

Rigth now, i have no idea why it is not working on my laptop, i hope somebody has ;-) 

answered Oct 25, 2019 by kothe (200 points)
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In Windows Settings i found a Setting for apps to be allowed to have access to the camera, it was OFF.

After turning on, it worked. Don't know why it was off, but now everything is fine!

Anyway, THX for your help!

answered Oct 25, 2019 by kothe (200 points)
great and thanks for sharing! On recent MacOS we are getting that kind of access restriction now too, but at least it is quite obvious (pop-up window asking whether we want allow the inventor app to access the camera).