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Any OpenCV Python demo to stream data directly from JeVois as a UVC camera?

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Any OpenCV Python demo to stream data directly from JeVois as a UVC camera? 

I noticed from http://jevois.org/doc/ProgrammerPython.html

import libjevois as jevois

On my host, I actually built https://github.com/jevois/jevois from scratch.

But, it seems there is NO python-libjevois generated ? So, what python package should I build/install to generate a python module libjevois?

Thank you very much.

asked Jan 19 in Programmer Questions by jiapei100 (120 points)

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yes, there is no separate python-libjevois, both the C++ code and the python bindings are in libjevois.so

as far as a demo to behave like a dumb camera, start with the Python Sandbox module:


and just replace line 62 with:

outimg = inimg

which will simply copy the image from the sensor (inning) to the one that is sent over USB to the host computer (outimg).
answered Jan 28 by JeVois (46,200 points)
Oh, I see, you wanted to save frames from JeVois to the hard drive of the host computer. Thanks for posting, looks great!