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only video, no jevois output

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got my replacement camera. thanks. new problems now.

camera appears to boot (green led, then quick orange, green, then green and orange together. does this mean something? only straight video output to AMCap.

Downloaded new image today, updated Etcher to 1.0.0, unzipped zip file (7.8Gig .img file), Etcher says "drive too small for image." formatted micro-SD, tried again. still says drive too small.

OS : Windows 7

PC: Lenovo SL500 (kinda old) - using SD card adapter in SD card drive, also Updated SD card driver at Lenovo today)

MicroSD 8Gig (from you - checked)

Etcher initially reads SD card as 0.0Gig, when i select the 7.8Gig img file, the SD card drive becomes no longer available.

Windows explorer says micro-SD free space is 7.42Gig

uninstalled Etcher, installed previous 1.0.0beta version, same result.

is USB 3.0 necessary here? maybe my PC is too old? cant find the USB adapter that came with Jevois Cam. going to get another one and try again.


Chris in Montreal
asked May 24, 2017 in User questions by Tallmansixfour (130 points)

1 Answer

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Great that you got the camera!

The cards we ship with the turnkey kit usually have no problem taking the images we post at jevois.org/start

Maybe you just need to reboot your windows machine as it might have gotten confused.

Regarding the straight video with no processing, usually you would see that if you are in MJPEG mode. Those modes by default are straight pass-through on the bundled JeVois config. You need to switch AMCap to YUY2 mode to see the machine vision demos:

Options -> Video Device -> Capture Format then set Color Space / Compression to YUY2

Let us know if you still cannot flash your SD, we can push a slightly smaller image file, which might not be a bad idea anyway since there seems to be some fuzziness in the SD world as to exactly what 8GB should be. The images we have published were made using a Kingston brand 8GB card, which somehow is a bit smaller than the cards we shipped with the beginner kits.
answered May 24, 2017 by JeVois (46,580 points)