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Possible software error in the JeVois cam A33

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What I want to do is to set Date and Time from the hard serial connected Arduino Mega to the cam. I try to do it with this Arduino software:

:#define JeVois Serial2

  JeVois.begin(115200);     //Verbindung mit JeVois-Kamera

  JeVois.println("date " + DatumZeit);  In the variable DatumZeit i have the actual date and time. So the string I am sending is "date 0411123020" it means "date MMDDhhmmYY"  M = Month, D = Day, h = hour, m = minute and YY = the last 2 digits of the year.

And now the A33 software mistake: normaly after power on the Date and Time is always 01.01.1970 00:00:00. in this case it is impossible to send the new Date and Time to the cam. The problem is the year 1970. If you change the year with the manual date command in the inventor, the cam will accept the date and time from the Arduino. I fyou change the year back to 1970, it will not function anymore. So it is not possible to send the real date and time to the cam after a short power off.

I tried several things to see what happens but the mistake is, that the cam a33 will not accept a date and time string, if the year in the cam is 1970.

What can I do or what can you do?

Best regards

Peter Dambrowsky
asked Apr 11 in Programmer Questions by Peter (540 points)

1 Answer

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I found a solution to send date and time from an Arduino Mega about some seconds after power on (the red led has to be on)

You have to do it with this Arduino software:

#define JeVois Serial2 // for example com2

  JeVois.begin(115200);     //Verbindung mit JeVois-Kamera

  JeVois.println("date " + DatumZeit);

 And now very important:

In the variable DatumZeit has to be the actual date and time with a string like this "date 041112302020.00" it means "date MMDDhhmmCCYY.ss"  M = Month, D = Day, h = hour, m = minute, CC = the first 2 digits of the year, YY = the last 2 digits of the year and .ss = seconds (I use here always 00).

Only this way functions perfect.

Best regards

Peter Dambrowsky
answered Apr 15 by Peter (540 points)