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How do you seperate case halves?

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I'm checking the unit out and even judging from the fanless stl files it sort of looks like it's a press fit, but could be glued. So is it possible to take the case apart without damaging the case? I don't have a 3d printer so I don't want to break one.
asked Mar 10, 2017 in Misc Questions by gothmag (480 points)

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Yes, in the end we opted for press-fit + glue as opposed to screws or interlocks for a variety of reasons and I must admit that we did not think anyone would ever want to open the case. Now of course this makes it more difficult for the few people like you who do want to open it. We have not yet tried to crack opened the factory units, since virtually all the units we have produced so far are being sent to kickstarter backers. But with the glued parts, it is clear that some damage will occur to the case if you try to open it.

As you saw in the STL file, 4 pegs protrude from the bottom half into the top half. I would just cut those with a hacksaw or cutting pliers or a dremel with the little saw wheel tool. A repair kit will soon be available for $12.99 including case, camera module, and fan - for the adventurous who really want to crack this baby open. Just make sure you do not damage the circuit boards inside.
answered Mar 15, 2017 by JeVois (46,580 points)
selected Mar 15, 2017 by gothmag
Ok, I did want to make sure I wasn't mistaken about there being no screws. Came apart just fine with a hobby knife, no damage other than to the case. 3/4 standoffs broke, maybe I'll get someone I know to print me a fanless case and see what sort of heatsinks I can get to fit. Thanks for the info.