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Fanless enclosure CAD files

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Can you upload the fanless enclosure files in parasolid format?

edit: I have made numerous attempts to create a solid model, but the STL file has too many faces to be imported as a solid model in SolidWorks directly, and methods using FreeCAD and Meshlab to make intermediate formats have not worked (I see upwards of 7.5 GB of memory being consumed during efforts to convert the file to a different format).
asked Mar 11, 2017 in Hardware Questions by strott (230 points)
edited Mar 12, 2017 by strott

1 Answer

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The original files were exported at far too high a resolution. That's not good for JeVois Inc (who doesn't want someone else to make injection moulds) and not good for us (as the files are too big to be useful for 3d-printed cradles/cad assemblies/checking clearances etc.)

I've used a commercial tool to simplify the models down to something much more useful (and far smaller!); the new models can be downloaded from https://github.com/pelrun/jevois-models.
answered May 6, 2017 by pelrun (2,310 points)
Thanks a lot, pelrun! Added a link to your files from http://jevois.org/start/software.html