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Not booting? (Possible SD size issue)

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I followed the Quick Start guide and used my Mac's command line to copy (using `dd`) jevois-image-1.0-8G.img onto my SD but having tried 2 different SD cards and two JeVois', it's not working - while I get a solid (bright!) green light on the device, it will not boot - it never turns orange at all.

I suspect the problem is I only have 16GB cards. I had hoped writing it to the large card would not be a problem. I also tried Etcher (much faster than dd BTW) with the same result. I can see all three partitions. I can see and navigate both the BOOT and JEVOIS partitions.
asked Mar 11, 2017 in Misc Questions by todd.zebert (130 points)

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I've set up two so far and I found that like the raspberry pi it can be a little picky with what SD cards it likes. I've done installs on 16, 32, and 64gb cards. If you're sure you have it pressed in all the way I'd probably recommend buying a new samsung or sandisk sd card. I had 0 luck with microcenter, and no name cards.
answered Mar 12, 2017 by gothmag (470 points)
An authoritative comment is all it needed apparently, because now both are working, thanks! Despite inserting them a dozen times last night - and feeling the pop as they ejected, I guess it just took a bit more to get them to be correctly inserted. I ended up using a key tip to push them in.
These are SanDisk EVO cards, BTW.
Great. There is definitely no worry of accidentally popping the cards out. I've been using a hobby knife very carefully.