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apt install jevois-sdk-dev can't find package IF 32-Bit UBUNTU

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I'm following instructions at https://jevois.usc.edu/ but it won't work. Found only jevois-sdk package and it wouldn't install.

I realised after a lot of failure that the install of Ubuntu Zesty was a 32-bit

I tried a 64 bit version (duh!) and yes, that worked. Found the jevois-sdk-dev package as expected.

I'll leave this 'question' here for anyone else that is being driven crazy by install failures and hasn't realised that they need a 64-bit OS. I'm probably the only one dumb enough to (accidentally) have used the 32-bit version though.

asked Jun 29 in Programmer Questions by Tcornall (430 points)
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2 Answers

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Use a 64-bit Ubuntu install, stoopid!
answered Jun 29 by Tcornall (430 points)
Hi quick question. I am also using UBUNDU 64 bit
however as a virtual guest OS from a MacPRO
through Oracle's  VirtualBox.
I wonder how you are using UNUNDU. As a primary OS
or a guest / virtualized OS. Thanks.
Hi Tinob.
I'm using Ubuntu Zesty as a primary OS. I did it that way mainly to avoid issues with Virtual Machines and USB devices.
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Thanks, I updated the instructions at https://jevois.usc.edu
answered Jun 30 by JeVois (13,610 points)