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Recieving values from Jevois

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I choose QR-code demos and type next on a virtual terminal.

setpar serout USB

Next I recieve coordinates data:

T2 86 409
T2 -6 327
T2 -13 320
T2 -20 300
T2 -30 302

I want to recieve another values e.g. converted values from QR-code or other code. 

My steps to recieve and show it. Please, I only start to learn C++ and want, to understand it, how i can recieve needed data to host.

asked Aug 7 in User questions by Deatherkill (150 points)
edited Aug 9 by Deatherkill

1 Answer

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I'm also interessed. I'm trying to do the same thing (with ArUco markers), I can read the coordonates, but I also need to receive the Id of the markker detected.
answered Aug 10 by bSahler (160 points)