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JeVois not working

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I plugged the device into usb2, usb3 and a power bank.

The fan does not start at all.  The led is green for 3 seconds, then flashes orange for 0.25 second then green for 1.5-2.0 seconds then stays orange after that..

I am using a 32g SanDisk Extreme microsd card because the 8g card that came with the device appears dead to windows 7.  Also the microsd card reader that came with the device has a plastic molding defect which prevents the card from being inserted.

Did anyone else have major issues with the JeVois like this?

Any ideas?  The troubleshooting section says the fan should start immediately so I'm thinking I have a defective device..

asked Mar 17, 2017 in User questions by coyote20000 (260 points)

3 Answers

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Hi Dave,

I'm also a brand new user. I can confirm that the microsd reader doesn't easily fit the card.

Also, the LED pattern you describes seems to indicate that the camera IS booting up, but you may have a bad/disconnected fan. Are you getting any video?

answered Mar 17, 2017 by MajorPeabody (160 points)
Okay, I just tried the video, which I should have in the first place.  It is booting and I am getting video but it is distorted.  Looks like a horizontal sync issue.  It appears the driver is incorrect.  It's connecting as a device called 'Video Control' and not JeVois as what the quick start info said would be..  I deleted the driver and restarted windows and reconnected JeVois with the same driver being loaded.  I'm still stuck with this and fan still doesn't work.

Anyone know how would I contact the JeVois admin to request a replacement?
Also, any hints to get JeVois to be recognized as a JeVois device?

Thanks in advance.

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I also have a camera that does not work, but it appears that it does not boot. The fan runs and the led is green, but never changes. Hopefully jevois will replace the defective ones. I am interested in ordering more, but not until I have a chance to see one in operation.

answered Mar 18, 2017 by wrunge (250 points)
Is the sd card seated all the way in?  It should have that typical microsd card 'click' sound when locked in.  If you have another >=8gb sd card I'd try to copy the software to it and give that a go.  Make sure you have good power too.  I don't know if it's normal, but when I plug the JeVois into a usb3 hub it seems to force a temporary disconnect with my other usb device.  Almost like its drawing too much power.  

My fan is still DOA, so I know my device is defective...

If I get a hold of anyone that can do an exchange I will post it here so you can exchange yours too...  

I've tried reseating the SD card several times and flashing a new card to no avail. I don't know of any where else to go with this?
It sounds like yours is bad.
Have you tried powering it on a different computer? or a battery pack?
Just throwing ideas out there to try.  I'm pretty sure its a power hog on USB. Also, try removing other USB devices from the bus.
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Sorry it looks like we might have a few bad units out there. I will check with our factory as they should all have passed the burn test before shipping out.

If you have tried the various things posted here (push the card all the way in, power from a high quality cable and directly from ports on the motherboard of your computer, in the back of the computer, etc) please contact us in your kickstarter account and we will send you replacement units that we double-check here before shipping.

Fan not starting definitely is bad and we can ship you a replacement right away.
answered Mar 21, 2017 by JeVois (17,550 points)