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Camera Sensor Information

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Can anyone tell me what the sensor height and width are in pixel and what the focal length / aperture are? A camera sensor model would also be appreciated if possible.

asked Mar 17 in Hardware Questions by badrobit (130 points)

2 Answers

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Would also like to confirm the camera model and lens angle, is it OV 9650?

answered Mar 18 by alsaibie (320 points)
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yes, it is an OV9653 (same as 9650 but lead-free and RoHS)

The info we received from the manufacturer is F2.8, view angle 65deg (I am guessing horizontal).

There are a bunch of datasheets floating around but they are marked confidential so I guess we should not post them here. But some keywords that may be useful are "ov9650 datasheet", "ov9650 implementation guide 1.1" and "ov9650 software application notes 1.03".
answered 5 days ago by JeVois (5,150 points)
Thanks for the response! Is the focal length known?