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Setmapping2 broken in 1.5.0

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I'm attempting to launch DarknetYOLO module with the latest version of JeVois (1.5.0) with USB Video disabled using:

setmapping2 YUYV 640 480 0.4 JeVois DarknetYOLO

When I run info I see:

INFO: OUT: NONE 0x0 @ 0fps CAM: NONE 0x0 @ 0fps MOD: 

When I enable logs I get the following exceptions:

INF Camera::setFormat: Camera set video format to 640x480 YUYV
ERR Log::warnAndIgnoreException: Caught exception from the Python interpreter:
ERR Log::warnAndIgnoreException:    Python traceback (most recent calls last):
ERR Log::warnAndIgnoreException:    File <string>
ERR Log::warnAndIgnoreException:    Line 5, in <module>:
ERR Log::warnAndIgnoreException:    ImportError: dynamic module does not define module export function (PyInit_DarknetYOLO)
ERR Engine::setFormatInternal: Module [DarknetYOLO] startup error and not operational.

Looking a bit more deeply it seems that setmapping2 work with any of the modules I've tried.   Any ideas what's going on?

asked Oct 6, 2017 in User questions by djwilday (140 points)
edited Oct 6, 2017 by djwilday

1 Answer

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Yes, thanks, that bug was introduced after we added support for python modules, it has been fixed in github and the fix will be included in future releases.
answered Oct 10, 2017 by jvroot (360 points)