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Setmapping2 broken in 1.5.0

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I'm attempting to launch DarknetYOLO module with the latest version of JeVois (1.5.0) with USB Video disabled using:

setmapping2 YUYV 640 480 0.4 JeVois DarknetYOLO

When I run info I see:

INFO: OUT: NONE 0x0 @ 0fps CAM: NONE 0x0 @ 0fps MOD: 

When I enable logs I get the following exceptions:

INF Camera::setFormat: Camera set video format to 640x480 YUYV
ERR Log::warnAndIgnoreException: Caught exception from the Python interpreter:
ERR Log::warnAndIgnoreException:    Python traceback (most recent calls last):
ERR Log::warnAndIgnoreException:    File <string>
ERR Log::warnAndIgnoreException:    Line 5, in <module>:
ERR Log::warnAndIgnoreException:    ImportError: dynamic module does not define module export function (PyInit_DarknetYOLO)
ERR Engine::setFormatInternal: Module [DarknetYOLO] startup error and not operational.

Looking a bit more deeply it seems that setmapping2 work with any of the modules I've tried.   Any ideas what's going on?

asked Oct 6 in User questions by djwilday (140 points)
edited Oct 6 by djwilday

1 Answer

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Yes, thanks, that bug was introduced after we added support for python modules, it has been fixed in github and the fix will be included in future releases.
answered 6 days ago by jvroot (240 points)