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How to unstick a stuck SD card

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Started working with my JeVois today. Everything works great, except the push-push microSD card socket is not popping the card back out and now the card is stuck in the unit. Any ideas other than ripping the case open, per the other thread about sperating the case halves?
asked Mar 18, 2017 in Hardware Questions by docmollo (210 points)

2 Answers

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The solution was provided by JeVois on the Kickstarter comments, and on another thread here in the forums. He suggested household tweezers. The ones I have are too thick to fit into the slot, but I also have SMD tweezers on my workbench, and those worked flawlessly!
answered Apr 1, 2017 by docmollo (210 points)
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What I would try is needle-nose pliers.  Don't yank it out though.  It might be in the 'about the lock state', so pulling it slightly might engage the lock.  Go by feel, if it's resisting then move it back in and then back out to hopefully unlock the card.

Would I be assuming correctly that the card that's suck is the card that was included with the device?

The included sdcard and the sdcard reader are made out of the best chinesium there is.  On mine the reader won't allow a card to be inserted and (What I thought was a dead sdcard) the sdcard has some out of spec tolerances that require side pressure to make the cards contacts connect.

Good luck...

answered Mar 18, 2017 by coyote20000 (280 points)
Good tip on not just yanking - hadn't thought of that. I've tried the small needle nose pliers I have....but I'm going to have to step up my pliers game to get inside there. I'll order some new ones next month that are smaller.

Nope - this is a brand new 16GB SanDisk card. On the upside, everything else about the setup works, so at least there's that. Just can't change anything on the card if I wanted to. :-\

Thanks for the tips!
"On mine the reader won't allow a card to be inserted"
If you look inside the reader slot, there are some spring loaded contacts to keep the card in however to clear them when you put the card in the card has to be inserted in a slight downwards angle. If you try to put it in straight, it does not go in.