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Unable to boot. Blinks orange after 3s & continues to stay in green forever.

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The the hardware powers on with solid green, blinks orange once after 3s BUT never becomes solid orange & does not get detected.

Here's what I have tried so far and they all resulted in failures:

  1. Connected miniUSB cable to 2 USB2.0 ports of my laptop and used the microSD card and the USB-to-MicroSD card reader shipped with A33 as-is for boot.
  2. Used SDFormatter (www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_4/) and formatted the microSD card using the provided USB-to-MicroSD card reader; Followed instructions on jevois.org/start website; Downloaded & unzipped the image from (jevois.org/data/jevois-image-latest-8G.zip); Used the recommended 'Etcher' program on Windows7 x64 PC and re-flashed the microSD card.
  3. Repeated the above step#2 except, used the USBwriter, USB image tool and Win32 Disk Imager as recommended on (jevois.org/doc/NewMicroSD.html) on the same Windows7 x64 PC and re-flashed the microSD card.
  4. Repeated the above step#2 except used Ubuntu 16.04LTS x64 machine and re-flashed the microSD card. I confirmed the files on microSD card with the file-tree-structure described on jevois.org/doc/MicroSD.html and they appeared correct.
  5. Used different microSD cards (Samsung PRO+ microSDHC & SanDisk Ultra microSDHC) and microSD-to-SD card adapter instead of USB-to-MicroSD card reader; Used a 2A cellphone charger; Made sure the microSD card is inserted properly and Repeated step#2,#3 & #4.

After trying all possible options, I am basically clueless right now. I would like to know if I missed any steps? 

I assume the image file (jevois.org/data/jevois-image-latest-8G.zip) is updated and valid. Could there be an issue with the hardware?



asked Mar 19 in User questions by anant (130 points)

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Sorry to hear about that. You may have the same issue as this post or maybe your unit is faulty (with a 2A charger, it should definitely get to the solid orange state).

Please contact us through your kickstarter account and we will send you a replacement unit to try out, which we will test again here before shipping.

answered Mar 21 by JeVois (5,790 points)
Thank you for your response.

I tried using the 2A charger which I've been using for Raspberry Pi3. I also tried connecting the Ycable to another Ubuntu machine having two usb3.0 ports. Unfortunately, I did not get any successful results.

I can certainly contact you on kickstarter.