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Disable built in webcam in favor of Jevois cam

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I can't figure out how to disable my built in webcam or tell the daemon to use the jevois cam.

The jevois-daemon is working very well. I even went through some of the different listmappings, but it is using my built in webcam instead of the Jevois cam.

I used lsusb -t to get the devices connected and figured out that the JeVois cam is showing up as "EEM Gadget," but I'm not sure which one my webcam is...

Is there a way to tell the jevois-daemon explicitly to use the JeVois cam?
asked Mar 20 in Misc Questions by adam (150 points)

1 Answer

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yes, you can specify the camera device to use as follows:

jevois-daemon --cameradev=/dev/video1

usually, /dev/video0 is the first camera you plug in (e.g., built-in), /dev/video1 the next one, etc

answered Mar 21 by JeVois (5,790 points)