JeVoisBase  1.20
JeVois Smart Embedded Machine Vision Toolkit Base Modules
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ARtoolkit::arresults Struct Reference

#include <jevoisbase/Components/ARtoolkit/ARtoolkit.H>

Collaboration diagram for ARtoolkit::arresults:

Public Attributes

int id
 Marker ID. More...
double width
 size in mm More...
double height
 size in mm More...
double q [4]
 quaternion More...
double pos [3]
 3d position More...
int p2d [2]
 2d position in image coords More...
std::vector< cv::Point > corners
 corners in standardized image coords More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 128 of file ARtoolkit.H.

Member Data Documentation

◆ corners

std::vector<cv::Point> ARtoolkit::arresults::corners

corners in standardized image coords

Definition at line 136 of file ARtoolkit.H.

◆ height

double ARtoolkit::arresults::height

size in mm

Definition at line 132 of file ARtoolkit.H.

◆ id

int ARtoolkit::arresults::id

Marker ID.

Definition at line 130 of file ARtoolkit.H.

◆ p2d

int ARtoolkit::arresults::p2d[2]

2d position in image coords

Definition at line 135 of file ARtoolkit.H.

◆ pos

double ARtoolkit::arresults::pos[3]

3d position

Definition at line 134 of file ARtoolkit.H.

◆ q

double ARtoolkit::arresults::q[4]


Definition at line 133 of file ARtoolkit.H.

◆ width

double ARtoolkit::arresults::width

size in mm

Definition at line 131 of file ARtoolkit.H.

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