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type_with_N_bits< T, N > Struct Template Reference

A compile-time check that T has N bits. More...

#include <jevoisbase/Components/RoadFinder/Types.H>

Inheritance diagram for type_with_N_bits< T, N >:

Public Types

typedef type_if< T, sizeof(T) *8==N >::type type

Detailed Description

template<class T, unsigned long N>
struct type_with_N_bits< T, N >

A compile-time check that T has N bits.

Definition at line 69 of file Types.H.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ type

template<class T , unsigned long N>
typedef type_if<T, sizeof(T)*8 == N>::type type_with_N_bits< T, N >::type

Definition at line 71 of file Types.H.

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