JeVois  1.18
JeVois Smart Embedded Machine Vision Toolkit
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Changes and new features in JeVois 1.3

JeVois 1.3 brings the following new features:

  • New standardized serial messages allow for greater inter-operability between various JeVois machine vision modules and Arduino code. See Standardized serial messages formatting
  • New host command jevois-add-videomapping to add a new video mapping to videomappings.cfg, checking for duplicates. This is now used in the postinstall script of new modules.
  • New host command jevois-cmd to send a simple command to JeVois and get the result without having to open a serial terminal and connect it to JeVois.
  • New host command jevois-usbsd to instruct a connected JeVois camera to start/stop exporting its microSD as a virtual flash drive.
  • New docs, including Optimizing performance under different lighting conditions
  • New tutorials for C++ and Python