Demo Background Subtract
Simple background subtraction, pretty much straight from the OpenCV tutorials.
By Laurent Ittiitti@usc.eduhttp://jevois.orgGPL v3
 Language:   C++            Supports mappings with USB output:   Yes            Supports mappings with NO USB output:   No
 Video Mapping:   YUYV 640 240 15.0 YUYV 320 240 15.0 JeVois DemoBackgroundSubtract
 Video Mapping:   YUYV 320 120 30.0 YUYV 160 120 30.0 JeVois DemoBackgroundSubtract

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The background subtraction alorithm learns a statistical model of the appearance of a scene when the camera is not moving. Any movin object entering the field of view will then be detected as significantly different from the learned pixel model.

Note that this class has internal state (it learns the statistics of the background over time). FIXME: Unclear how it would react to input resolution changes, need to test.

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Detailed docs:DemoBackgroundSubtract
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