Demo IMU
Plot raw IMU readings on top of video.
By Laurent Ittiitti@usc.eduhttp://jevois.orgGPL v3
 Language: C++Supports mappings with USB output: YesSupports mappings with NO USB output: No 
 Video Mapping:   YUYV 640 512 40.0 YUYV 640 480 40.0 JeVois DemoIMU

Module Documentation

As an optional hardware upgrade, one can install a global shutter sensor into JeVois (an OnSemi AR0135 1.2MP), which also includes on its custom circuit board for JeVois an inertial measurement unit (IMU). The IMU is a 9-degrees-of-freedom (9DOF) TDK InvenSense ICM-20948 (with 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and 3-axis magnetometer). This IMU also includes a digital motion processing unit (small programmable processor inside the IMU chip), which allows it to compute and filter Euler angles or quaternions directly inside the IMU chip.

This module only works with optional JeVois sensors that include an IMU! The base JeVois-A33 smart camera does not have an onboard IMU.

ParameterTypeDescriptionDefaultValid Values
(DemoIMU) afacfloatFactor applied to acceleration values for display, or 0 to not display100.0F-
(DemoIMU) gfacfloatFactor applied to gyroscope values for display, or 0 to not display0.5F-
(DemoIMU) mfacfloatFactor applied to magnetometer values for display, or 0 to not display3.0F-
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