Saliency Gist
Simple saliency map and gist computation module.
By Laurent Ittiitti@usc.eduhttp://jevois.orgGPL v3
 Supports mappings with USB output:   Yes            Supports mappings with NO USB output:   No
 Video Mapping:   GREY 120 25 60.0 YUYV 320 240 60.0 JeVois SaliencyGist # saliency + feature maps + gist
 Video Mapping:   GREY 120 15 60.0 YUYV 320 240 60.0 JeVois SaliencyGist # saliency + feature maps
 Video Mapping:   GREY 20 73 60.0 YUYV 320 240 60.0 JeVois SaliencyGist # saliency + gist
 Video Mapping:   GREY 20 15 60.0 YUYV 320 240 60.0 JeVois SaliencyGist # saliency only
 Video Mapping:   GREY 72 16 60.0 YUYV 320 240 60.0 JeVois SaliencyGist # gist only
 Video Mapping:   GREY 72 16 60.0 YUYV 320 240 60.0 JeVois SaliencyGist

Module Documentation

Computes a saliency map and gist, intended for use by machines.

See the DemoSaliency modute for more explanations about saliency and gist algorithms and for a demo output intended for human viewing.

What is returned depends on the selected output image resolution; it should always be grayscale, and can contain any of:

  • saliency map only
  • saliency + gist
  • saliency + feature maps
  • saliency + feature maps + gist
This module has no screenshots and no videos
ParameterTypeDescriptionDefaultValid Values
(Saliency) cweightbyteColor channel weight255-
(Saliency) iweightbyteIntensity channel weight255-
(Saliency) oweightbyteOrientation channel weight255-
(Saliency) fweightbyteFlicker channel weight255-
(Saliency) mweightbyteMotion channel weight255-
(Saliency) centerminsize_tLowest (finest) of the 3 center scales2-
(Saliency) deltaminsize_tLowest (finest) of the 2 center-surround delta scales3-
(Saliency) smscalesize_tScale of the saliency map4-
(Saliency) mthreshbyteMotion threshold0-
(Saliency) fthreshbyteFlicker threshold0-
(Saliency) msflickboolUse multiscale flicker computationfalse-
(Kalman2D) usevelboolUse velocity tracking, in addition to positionfalse-
(Kalman2D) procnoisefloatProcess noise standard deviation0.003F-
(Kalman2D) measnoisefloatMeasurement noise standard deviation0.05F-
(Kalman2D) postnoisefloatA posteriori error estimate standard deviation0.3F-
Detailed docs:SaliencyGist, Saliency, Kalman2D
Copyright:Copyright (C) 2016 by Laurent Itti, iLab and the University of Southern California
License:GPL v3
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