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How do I extract image description from JeVois:DarknetYOLO?

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15 - OUT: YUYV 1280x480 @ 15fps CAM: YUYV 640x480 @ 15fps MOD: JeVois:DarknetYOLO

DarknetYolo does a good job of identifying objects.  It will not accept "streamon" which makes sense.  The serial monitor box of Arduino will not fill with data which also makes sense. But, if I turn on AmCap, the serial monitor loads with data that looks like the data below:

T2 -222 -266
T2 200 -297
DKY 317
T2 -225 -250
T2 -63 -222
DKY 318
T2 -241 -281
T2 -63 -206
DKY 319
T2 -2

When I turn off AmCap the dataflow stops. If I restart AmCap the data begins streaming again.

Goal:  I need to obtain the T2 data without AmCap running. How do I do this??  An assumption I am making is when the word "Person 45.3%" comes onto the screen, it produces a unique serial output that the Arduino can handle. Not sure. Feel free to comment. Thanks!!
asked May 9, 2018 in User questions by CoralXray2018 (360 points)
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Great question! We need a dedicated tutorial for this, but in the meantime, check out the section about "Running with no USB output" of this tutorial: http://jevois.org/tutorials/UserPanTilt.html

In your case, try this (first just copy and paste the lines one by one to your serial terminal; once confirmed, you can also put them into the JEVOIS:/config/initscript.cfg file of your microSD). You should not have AMCAP running when you do this, just a serial terminal connected to JeVois:

setmapping2 YUYV 640 480 15.0 JeVois DarknetYOLO

setpar serout USB

setpar serstyle Detail


Use "setpar serout Hard" instead of USB to send the messages to the 4-pin hardware serial port. The serstyle Detail is to get the class names (see http://jevois.org/doc/UserSerialStyle.html) 

Here is the output I get here after launching these commands and then leaving the camera on my desk and going to walk in front of it at some distance:


DKY 38

DKY 39

D2 person -466 -1466 484 -1466 484 -172 484 -1466 28.0

DKY 40

D2 person -490 -1538 502 -1538 502 -150 502 -1538 37.8

DKY 41

D2 person -373 -1534 511 -1534 511 -172 511 -1534 43.3

DKY 42

DKY 43

D2 person -616 -1236 472 -1236 472 18 472 -1236 25.7

DKY 44


answered May 9, 2018 by JeVois (46,580 points)
Thank you! Works like a champ!  Really appreciate the help. /Ron