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serpar serout Hard

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I have been following the this link http://jevois.org/tutorials/UserPanTilt.html for instructions on how to make a pan tilt head for the Jevois camera.  The website says that I need to give the command 

"serpar serous Hard"
but when I submit this text the camera responds saying "ERR Unsupported command [serpar serout Hard]". Please help.
asked May 23, 2018 in Programmer Questions by 5a2k (120 points)

1 Answer

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so sorry, that is a typo in the tutorial, it should be:

setpar serout Hard

I am in Australia now but will fix the web page next week when I am back to Los Angeles.

answered May 24, 2018 by JeVois (46,580 points)
Thank you very much for your help!   The camera is now working.  I am not sure if you can help me with this, but when I submit the command "setmapping2 YUYV 320 240 30.0 JeVois ObjectTracker
setpar serout Hard
streamon" it won't work.  Thanks again.
Likely you need some tuning. Usually, you would start by tuning the parameters hrange, srange, and vrange interactively while using ObjectTracker with video output (open a video grabber software on a host computer and select YUYV 320x254 @ 60fps). See this for more info: http://jevois.org/tutorials/UserColorTracking.html . Once you are tuned, confirm that serpar serout Hard is working when you show the object of interest to JeVois and you see in the video that the object is detected.

Then you need to make sure that the tuned parameters will be set next time you start the module. For that, edit JEVOIS:/module/JeVois/ObjectTracker/script.cfg and add in there the appropriate setpar commands for hrange, srange, etc

You are now ready to switch to no USB out. Place an object in front of JeVois that is reliably detected in the video and which gives you serial outputs, close your video grabber software, and issue the 3 commands as you did:

setmapping2 YUYV 320 240 30.0 JeVois ObjectTracker
setpar serout Hard

and the detections should start again on the serial output.